Concord Start Up Supports Women Looking to Re-enter Workforce

reacHire CEO Addie Swartz

The USA is the Number 1 country for fostering entrepreneurship worldwide. Yet only 33% of businesses  are women-owned. However, research finds that fewer women owned business fail than their male counterparts, although women enterprises tend to not grow as fast or as big.

In Massachusetts there are more than 18,000 women owned businesses. Over 35% of our Atlantic LEADERPRENEURsm panelists have been Women founded companies.  On November 16, our Atlantic LEADERPRENEURsm Panel will highlight Addie Swartz, CEO of  reachHIRE, a Concord based startup that enables successful female professionals to re-enter the workforce through a six-week program to refresh their skills and help them connect with potential employers.

Swartz, a graduate Northwestern Kellogg School of Business was an entrepreneur by 12 starting her own apple pie baking business. She went on to start three other companies all while raising two daughters along with her husband Joel Rosen. ReacHIRE is her third.

Swartz will be joined by Tim Hebert, CEO of Atrion Networking Corporation to discuss their experiences as leaders and entrepreneurs. Watch for our next email which will highlight Tim’s unique and impressive leadership style as well as his recent ascend of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak!

Register now for our next Atlantic LEADERPRENEUR Panel on November 16th!


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