What Got Them Here Won’t Get Them There: Transforming Founder Centric Companies to Maximize Their Value


Often motivated by business “burn out”, a strained business climate or the image of an endless vacation, founders begin to consider selling their business. It seems like a perfectly left brain solution to frustration, malaise or boredom.

Find out how Atlantic Consultants can help you transform your founder-centric culture

They may talk to their spouse about how they are burned out or want to extend their winter vacation in Naples, or have more time to visit the grandchildren, and before you know it they are talking to their accountant, lawyer, financial planner or a business broker about selling their business. Their business advisor helps them crunch some numbers, estimate how long it might take to sell the business in the current environment and to determine the value proposition.

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When all the signs point in the direction of “Sell”, why do some businesses fail to execute? Founder reluctance and a founder centric culture will derail the ability of many businesses to “close the deal”.

How can these companies change their mindset so that they can implement a successful exit strategy? Which advisors are best equipped to address the right brain thinking that can often instigate or derail the sale?

Find out how Atlantic Consultants can help you transform your founder-centric culture

Stalled at the Altar

The companies most likely to stall at the altar are those that have what we call a “founder centric culture”. These companies, often started by boomers 25-40 years ago, have been operating for more than a generation. If they do not have a succession plan they are looking for some way to capitalize on their biggest investment, their business. What obstacles are inhibiting these companies from successfully completing a sale?

Many attribute the failure to execute the sale to factors such as disagreement on price and market conditions. Buyers looking for a good investment may back away from companies that have an immature internal structure and a founder centric culture. Often, the emotional founder ambivalence and founder centric culture of the company are the biggest hurdles to overcome.

Symptoms of Founder Ambivalence:

  • Difficulty with following through on action plans suggested by advisors.
  • Being pre-occupied by a stream of company crisis that distracts from the big picture.
  • An over worked and stressed founder who has no reason to focus on the big picture.
  • Lack of a clear personal and family strategic plan to take them into the next 10-20 years
  • A clearly defined sense of purpose and mission beyond the businessSymptoms Of Founder Centric Companies: Signs This Sale Will Stall At The Altar:
  • Company leadership deficits
  • Process deficits
  • Culture deficits

The business is the founder and the founder is the business. Therein lies the challenge. Their greatest strengths are often their greatest weaknesses. In founder centric companies, you often find a Founder who is actively involved in working in the business, but not on the business. They are a key rain maker or customer evangelists. They are what we call a Founder Hero because they are often the only one who can serve customers right. There are frequent fire drills and often the founder is the one rescuing the day. Continue reading

Find out how Atlantic Consultants can help you transform your founder-centric culture


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