Are Your Employees Happy? In This Job Market, They Better Be

Credit: Quicken Loans/Ray Rushing

Have you made your employees happy today?

As more companies begin to ponder that question in an improving job market overshadowed by the imminent exodus of retiring baby boomers, human resource experts say the answer depends on more complex factors than salary and traditional benefits.

Studies indicate and experts agree that salary and traditional benefits are important but don’t top the employee wish list. What does?

Feeling appreciated and recognized as a valued contrib-utor to their company or organiza-tion is one of the top things employees want, experts say. Opportunities to advance, to learn and grow in their career and to keep up with the latest technology are also key employee priorities.Workers also want to feel included in the company’s visions and goals, to feel listened to and respected, to have good communication with their bosses and fellow workers and to be able to have a work/life balance that provides time to spend with their families. Renee Gilson, senior vice president and managing director for Lee Hecht Harrison LLC, with offices in Westboro, MA says employees’ job expectations have shifted, in part, in response to the changin corporate approach to their workforce. A version of this article was written by Micky Baca and originally appeared in the Worcester Business Journal, you can read the full article here.

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