Lars Dalgaard: Build Trust by Daring to Show That You’re Human

SUBCORNER-blog427-v3An intriguing interview with Lars Dalgaard – general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz – published in last Saturday’s New York Times reveals how using an authentic or “human” voice in lieu of intimidation makes you a more effective and powerful leader.  LEADERPRENEURS understand that there is more power in using an authentic voice than one of intimidation. | Learn more about leadership from Atlantic Consultants.

“The biggest thing in my life is really daring to be human, and that’s the approach I take to the working world. We could all be so much more human, but we don’t allow ourselves to do it. I think it’s because we’ve been brought up thinking that when you’re in a business role, if you show any emotion, then that’s the opposite of being tough.  Advertisement Continue reading the main story  Advertisement Continue reading the main story  The funny thing is that you’re actually a stronger leader and more trustworthy if you’re able to be vulnerable and you’re able to show your real personality. It’s a trust multiplier, and people really will want to work for you and be on a mission together with you.” – Lars Dalgaard | (Read the full interview here)


New Report Highlights Challenges Facing Women Business Owners


A new report produced by the global tech company Dell based on analysis from 31 countries shows that gender-based differences “stifle the growth of women-owned businesses” in all of those countries. Furthermore, the majority of the 31 countries in the study score below 50 percent in a scorecard analysis that looks at women’s opportunities and challenges as business owners to “launch, scale, create jobs and disrupt industries”. This, Dell says, demonstrates a significant growth gap between female-and male-owned businesses.

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Choosing the Right Candidate for Your Team


Bonni Carson DiMatteo, CMC | The comment we most often hear from CEOs is the regret of hiring someone in haste only to regret it at leisure. The opportunity we miss in the interview process to assess this candidate from all perspectives becomes a threat down the road.

As in any initiative, planning is half the challenge while implementation is the other. There are five steps to successful assessment  that will help you fill the gaps of uncertainty in the process of finding key talent. Ask yourself some key questions that must be answered by the interviewee and create a process that chooses the top candidate.

  • Who is the ideal candidate?
  • What kinds of results in his/her last job do I look for that may prove useful in this company?
  • What is their value proposition?
  • What are the greatest challenges of this position, and what type of personality traits; habits; communication style will help mitigate the challenge?
  • What are the key functions of this job beyond the job description?
  • Do they have to motivate staff; drive results; collaborate with other departments?
  • What are their strategies to do that?
  • How have they demonstrated that in other positions?
  • What kinds of personality traits and communication style would help or hinder that process?
  • How will this person fit into the team? Are they a motivator, analyzer, challenger, producer, supporter?

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Planning Your Company Outing

Credit: Office Now/Flickr

Was your company’s most recent strategic retreat a success? Did your employees leave with a renewed sense of passion for your organization’s prupose? Atlantic Consultants President Bonni Carson Dimateo, CMC offers her tips for effective team building on your next company outing.

Retreats are generally thought of as a way to use focused energy in an uninterrupted format to achieve large-scale results. When they work well, they can create passion, process and performance for the non-profit organization.

Garnering the excitement of the participants and focusing them on the future possibilities can generate a sense of commitment and renewal.

A well-run retreat can also break down the walls that can grow between divergent interest groups, within the Board or sometimes between Board and Staff.

Retreats are most effective if they are considered a process in a continuum, not an event, and you want the process to evoke passion as well as a product. To accomplish that, consider the retreat in three stages: pre-retreat planning, the retreat itself, and post retreat follow-up.

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Professional Development in Overnight Growth Companies

Bonni Carson DiMatteo | As e-commerce and businesses grow overnight with capital infusions, entrepreneurs become CEOs, managers become leaders, and co-workers become teams without benefit of time to manage the transition.

Business Meeting
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Frequently, companies think of technical upgrades for valued employees while neglecting the people and leadership skills necessary to drive and manage change.

There are several areas of training and professional development that are often overlooked. Read more.

Failue Key Ingredient to Future Entrepreneurs Success


While it may not be the easiest thing for them to discuss, failing, and learning from failure is increasingly being seen as a valuable asset for an entrepreneur’s future success.

“Failure is an enormously powerful learning experience for entrepreneurs,” Boston Globe correspondent Scott Kirsner wrote in an article last week noting that famous business moguls such as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Henry Ford all fell flat early in their careers, “yet most are happy to leave it behind them, undiscussed.” Read the article on Beta Boston

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